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"I am an active college student, always in search of an on-the-go meal or
snack that I can easily take with me when I study, work or work out. I
absolutely love your Celsius Green Tea Raspberry Acai drink. It tastes so
good, and I love that it allows me to have the energy and endurance I need
to keep up with my busy schedule. I usually drink one before hitting the
treadmill for a long workou

I feel that Celsius gives me energy for my workouts. Mentally, I associate the drink with a productive workout. So, if I have a Celsius, I feel compelled to have a great workout! The drink has really encouraged me to step up my game with my workouts, and I feel refreshed going into the workout after drinking a Celsius! Thanks for making such a great product!"

The first time I tried Celsius was at the Aflac Iron Girl 5K race in 2008. There was a booth there, and I had a sample of it. I thought it was really great, but didn't buy the drink on a regular basis. Earlier this year, my favorite local radio station (93.3FLZ) would play advertisements with some of the radio dj's endorsing the drink. I decided to give it a try again after hearing so many good things about the drink and I was hooked!"

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†Celsius alone does not produce weight loss in the absence of a healthy diet and moderate exercise. In a 10 week published university clinical study in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition with sedentary men and women, the group who drank one Celsius per day experienced Significantly Better Results.
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