As part of her monthly blogging series for The Huffington Post, Celsius Fitness Expert, Angeles Burke shared her outdoor exercises in an article titled, “Playground Workouts.” These outdoor exercises are perfect for those of you who still have the inner five year old in you! If you are a parent to youngsters, then this total body workout is a great way to burn fat while spending quality time with your kids. All of these outdoor exercises can be performed on a basic playground or jungle gym set. 

In the article, Angeles Burke lists and describes all of the exercises that are a part of the total body workout. Angeles assures that all of these moves, when combined with proper nutrition, will help boost metabolism and burn fat at the same time. The outdoor exercises include Swing Planks, Leap Frogs, Monkey Bar Holds, Slide Dips, Step Taps and Calf Drops. Even if you do not have children, these outdoor exercises are a perfect way to break out of the indoor gym rut and try a fun total body workout that will help burn fat in the process. Be sure to drink an ice cold Celsius before you begin to get the most out of your workout!

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