James Howell on CBS New York's The Couch Fit MinuteProfessional Track Runner and Team Celsius Athlete, James Howell, was featured on CBS New York's The Couch "Fit Minute" segment  on October 3, 2013. James and his colleague led the host of the show through a series of workouts that require minimal equipment but are an effective way to switch up your routine and stay fit. The moves are cone stacks, side lateral cone hops, resistance band front raises, T- Raises and the “bring it home.” Be on the lookout for more workout tips from James as he begins his training for the 2014 Track season.




James Howell’s Fit Minute Workout

Cone Stacks

Start with three cones spaced out two feet apart. Bend down and grab one cone, shuffle forward to the next cone and stack the cones on top of each other. Then turn around and unstack the set.

Side Lateral Hop

Side shuffle over each cone that is placed two feet apart from each other. Move your feet quickly and raise them up high to get over the cone. Think speed!

Resistance Band T- Raise

Stand in middle of a long resistance band and grip handle in each hand. Start with palms facing the side of your thighs and then bring arms up keeping them parallel with the ground. Keep arms straight and drop them back down to your side.

Resistance Band Front Raise

Stand in the middle of a long resistance band and grip a handle in each hand. Bring both arms up with your palms facing the ground and make your arms parallel with the ground. Keep arms straight and bring them back down to the front of your thigh.

Bring it Home

Stand in the middle of a long resistance band and grip handle in each hand. Begin with palms facing up and bend your elbow. Imagine that you are running and begin to quickly pump your arms as if you were racing towards the finish line.

Click here to watch James Howell's demonstration of these moves. Next time you feel like you don’t have the time to get in a good workout, try James’ Fit Minute workout. There is no excuse to not stay fit!




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