Boca Observer Features Kevin HarringtonCelsius and Kevin Harrington are currently featured in the September “Business & Wealth” 2013 issue of Boca Raton Observer in an article titled, “Observed: Hot Stuff & The People Who Make It Happen: Cents and Sensibility." The article features a full page Q&A with Kevin. The article mentions the different gadgets that Kevin sells, as well as his recent partnership at Celsius Inc. as a member of the board of directors. Kevin goes on to provide his advice to investors and states that he learned early on to “invest in the genius of others.” He cites Celsius as an example stating, “it’s got negative calories,” a claim about the beverage that is unique to the fitness and energy drink markets. To read the full article, visit the Boca Raton Observer online.

Boca  Raton Observer was created for readers living and working in Boca Raton, Florida and highlights the people, homes and businesses, charity and cultural organizations, schools and leisure activities of the region. Includes news and information on local arts, culture, real estate, dining, historical perspectives, social events, fashion and design.

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†Celsius alone does not produce weight loss in the absence of a healthy diet and moderate exercise. In a 10 week published university clinical study in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition with sedentary men and women, the group who drank one Celsius per day experienced Significantly Better Results.
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