Are you getting sick of drinking plain water day in and day out? If you answered yes, then check out About.com’s article titled, “Top 8 Flavorings for Your Water Bottle.” Celsius Outrageous Orange On-the-Go Stick Packets are featured in this roundup of products to flavor your water. The editor notes that “Celsius is an energy-boosting drink that has no sugar but includes green tea extract and caffeine from guarana seeds.” The Outrageous Orange On-the-Go sticks taste great and are convenient to keep in your gym bag or purse! The On-the-Go sticks contain the same ingredients and formula as the 12oz cans that are also produced by Celsius, Inc.


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Click the link below to read more about Celsius and the other products that made the top 8 list.


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†Celsius alone does not produce weight loss in the absence of a healthy diet and moderate exercise. In a 10 week published university clinical study in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition with sedentary men and women, the group who drank one Celsius per day experienced Significantly Better Results.
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