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A Healthier Alternative Fro-Yo!


One of my favorite sweet desserts has got to be ice cream. The problem is that when I buy ice cream from the store, I want to eat the whole container at one time. So I came up with  my own solution to this delicious problem:  I make my own Fro-Yo! This healthier option is a low sugar dessert with way less fat and calories allowing me to indulge without all the guilt.

Frozen Yogurt Healthier Recipe IngredientsFro-Yo Ingredients:

1 cup Cabot Vanilla Greek Yogurt 2%

¾ cup frozen blueberries (or other favorite fruit)


Place yogurt in a bowl and add frozen blueberries.

Mix for one minute by hand and enjoy!

The fruit must be frozen because it chills the yogurt and gives it the Fro-Yo consistency we all love. Now you can indulge in a frozen, low sugar dessert without risking the progress you've made toward your health and fitness goals.


Free Move It to Lose It eBookIn this Move It to Lose It series, I have shown you some of my favorite workout moves and some great ideas from a few of my friends. This recipe wraps up a set of my very favorites covering breakfast, snack-time, lunch, dinner, and saving the best for last – a yummy low sugar dessert! I would love to hear some of your favorite healthy recipes too! Share those with me in the comments below or, if it is too much to post or you have a picture to go with it, feel free to email me instead. I'll share those with the rest of our Live Healthy Community too!


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