Celsius before and after weight loss success

When trying to make changes in our lives, it can be easy to make excuses and feel sorry for ourselves. Lorena, is no stranger to this situation, having tried diets and weight loss regimens without much success. It wasn’t until she changed her mindset that the true lifestyle changes started to happen. As a working…

weight loss motivation

Losing weight is a mental and physical transformation which is personal and unique to each individual. From the outside, you never know what a person may have been dealing with or what prompted a change. For Carese, this change was drastic and it was unfortunately triggered by tragedy. Several years later and over 100 pounds…

Tips to Maintain weight loss during the holidays

If you allowed yourself to over indulge last Thanksgiving… and through the remainder of the holiday season, you may have been left with a few extra pounds you weren’t looking for as a little reminder.  It may have taken weeks or even months to overcome the resulting bulge and remove all the fluff while getting your fitness…


Singer and songwriter Brandon Skeie uses Celsius to break through his weight loss plateau. He lost an incredible 60 lbs. so far, and he is still going strong. He recently reached out to us and told us about his love for our brand and the effect it had on his transformation. Naturally, as a singer…


Four years ago Amanda Roy was 85 lbs. overweight. Always tired, with a busy life, kids and no time to speak of, bad choices were easy to make to keep things moving at a steady pace. It didn’t help that she had a thyroid condition and a bad shoulder that was always pulsating with pain either….

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